About Hali-Brite, Inc.

Hali-Brite has been manufacturing airfield equipment since 1979, initially as a refurbisher of DCB-36 and DCB-224 rotating beacons. A new, state-of-the-art illumination and drive system was developed and patented for these beacons (U.S. Pat. 5,339,224). Hali-Brite still refurbishes these beacons today.

Hali-Brite also manufactures a complete line of L-801 and L-802 rotating beacons for commercial and military airports and heliports. Our patented designs (U.S Pat. 5,816,678) eliminate all slip ring and gear maintenance. Metal halide lamp technology is used to provide the brightest possible illumination at a low operating cost. The performance of Hali-Brite rotating beacons is unsurpassed in the marketplace.

We also manufacture a complete line of Beacon Towers, L-806 and L-807 Wind Cones, and Runway Closure Markers using the latest in LED Technology

Our innovative ideas and commitment to service make Hali-Brite the best in airport lighting. Let us assist you with your airport lighting needs.