Signs & Obstruction Lighting

An aviation obstruction light is imperative for warning pilots of possible hazards or obstructions in the airfield. Hali-Brite offers a wide array of runway and taxiway warning lights, from reflective markers to traditional obstruction lights.

6.6a Obstruction Light / 6.6amp Obstruction Light / Runway Circuit Powered Obstruction Light
The Hali-Brite 6.6 amp obstruction light is a red or yellow light, manufactured specifically to mark locations of obstructions.

Flexible Reflective Markers L-853
Marks edge of runways and taxiways with reflective material.
Radio Receiver/Decoder L-854
Allows pilots to activate airfield lighting systems by keying their microphone.
Obstruction Light L-810
Single or dual lamps mark the top of tall structures that present hazards to air navigation.

Hali-Brite HB-5340 Segmented Circle
The Hali-Brite Segmented Circle is here! Easy installation! Powder coated orange and white.

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