Runway Closure Marker

RCM-D L893
The Hali-Brite ® Runway Closure Marker is an effective and efficient method of warning pilots of closed runways and taxiways. A diesel engine powers 20 LED spotlights that form an illuminated “X” that can be seen as far as 25 miles. The trailer-mounted unit is easily towed behind a vehicle

RCM-LED Upgrade
Easy installation upgrade kits for upgrading older Hali-Brite ® incandescent style Runway Closure Markers to LED

RCM-LED Rear Hitch Option
Easy installation rear hitch for towing tandem Hali-Brite ®s

RCM-LED Cover Option
Easy application, durable cover, for covering Hali-Brite ® Runway Closure marker while not in use

FeatureFAA A/C 5345-55 SpecificationHali-Brite RCM-DSherwin IndustriesNACSweepsterWANCO

Light Assembly

Arm dimensions14 ft diagonal14 ft diagonal20.5 ft diagonal15 ft diagonal22.3 ft diagonal27 ft diagonal
Front lamps(9) 150W PAR38(20) 90W PAR38(21) 90W PAR38(9) 33W LED(21) 90W PAR38
Illuminated rear lamp failure indicatorrequired(4) 90W PAR3821yes
Lamp intensity79,000 CBCP144,000 CBCP151,000 CBCP
Lamp Beam angle (horizontal)+/-15 degrees, 1 1/2 nautical milesexceeds requirementexceeds requirementexceeds requirement
Lamp Beam angle (vertical)0-10 degrees, 1 1/2 nautical milesexceeds requirementexceeds requirementexceeds requirement
Lamp life6000 hrs2500 hrs3000 hrs ???
Flash rate2.5-3 sec on/1-2.5 sec off2.5 sec on/2.5 sec off2.5 sec on/2.5 sec off2.5 sec on/2.5 sec off2.5 sec on/2.5 sec off1 sec on/ 1 sec off, or 3 sec on/ 1 sec off
Flasher typesolid-statesolid-statesolid-statesolid-state
Flasher failure bypassrequiredyesyesyesyes
Frame4" x 4" aluminumaluminumcomposite1 3/4" x 1 3/4" aluminum
Paintepoxy powder-coatepoxy powder-coatgel coat
Photocell nighttime dimmingrequiredyesyesyesyes
Photocell overrideyesyesyesyes
Elevation angleadjustableadjustable 0-10 deg.adjustableadjustable 0-3 deg.adjustable 0-3 deg.adjustable
Visibility5 nautical milesexceeds requirementexceeds requirementexceeds requirement
Operatable without generatoryesyesyesyes
Battery operationnonoyesno


ManufacturerMitsubishiYanmarCummins OnanKubota/ CumminsLombardini
Speed1800 RPM3600 RPM3600 RPM3600 RPM3600 RPM
TypeLiquid-cooled, 3-cylinderAir-cooledAir-cooledLiquid-cooledAir-cooled
Fuel TypeDieselGasoline
Fuel consumption0.4 gph typical0.4 gph typical
Daily run time24 hrs24 hrs1-5 hrs ??
Daily fuel consuption9.6 gal0.4-2 gal ??
Start/Chargingelectric start/ alternatorelectric start/ alternatorelectric start/ alternatorelectric start/ alternator
Low oil shutdownyesyesyesyes
High temp shutdownyesnonono
Engine hour meteryesyesnoyes
Glow plugyesnonono


Type4-pole brushless2-pole2-pole brushless
Output power6.0 kW2.7 kW2.8 kW
Power factor1.01.01.0
Frequency60 Hz60 Hz60 Hz60 Hz
Output voltage120 VAC120 VAC120 VAC120 VAC
voltage regulation+/- 5%+/- 10%
Output current50/2520.823.3
Auxiliary outlets(2) 120V duplex GFI(2) 120V GFI(3) 120V GFI


Fuel capacity57 gal30 gal20 gal60 gal30 gal
Run time between fills120 hours140 hours120 hours160 hours
Dimensions (stowed)5.3 ft x 9.2 ft7.5 ft x 10 ft8.4 ft x 10.7 ft6 ft x 27 ft
Weight (dry)1265 lbs1859
Min. operating temp-40 degrees F-40 degrees F-20 degrees F
Max operating temp116 degrees F120 degrees F
Highway TowableYesYesYesYesNo
List Price$13,000$15,000$14,300$13,900
Set Up Time5 minutes, one person2 minutes, one person2 minutes, one person5 minutes, one person2 minutes, one person10 minutes, one person
ETL (FAA) certifiedYesYespendingYesno
Wind speedwithstand 40 mph95 mph--certified40 mph-certified40 mph-certified


Pintle Hitchoptionaloptional
Combination ball/pintleoptionaloptionaloptional
Rear hitchoptionaloptionalstandardoptionalstandard
Protective coveroptionaloptional


Axle2200 lb1500 lb
Hitch2 inch ball2 inch ball2 inch ball2 inch ball
Leveling jacks45555
Leveling jack outriggers2no24
DOT trailer lightsyesyesyesyes
Tire size13"12"12"12"15"
Safety chainsyesyesyesyes
Lockable engine cabinetyesnono
Emergency engine stopyesnono
Removable drawbaryesno


Engine3 years/3000 hours on major components1 year1 year1 year
Generator1 year unlimited hours, 2 years/2000 hours1 year1 year1 year
Chassis1 year mechanical, 2 years electrical1 year1 year1 year
Off-Road Fuel$3.39$3.21
Fuel Cost/Day$32.54$6.42 ??