Runway Closure Marker

If you require innovative airport lighting, look no further than Hali-Brite. Our runway closure marker can be setup in less than five minutes by a single individual. We also provide upgrades and accessories in the form of LED upgrades, hitches, and cover options.

RCM-D L893
The Hali-Brite ® Runway Closure Marker is an effective and efficient method of warning pilots of closed runways and taxiways. A diesel engine powers 20 LED spotlights that form an illuminated “X” that can be seen as far as 25 miles. The trailer-mounted unit is easily towed behind a vehicle

RCM-LED Upgrade
Easy installation upgrade kits for upgrading older Hali-Brite ® incandescent style Runway Closure Markers to LED

RCM Rear Hitch Option
Easy installation rear hitch for towing tandem Hali-Brite ®s

RCM Cover Option
Easy application, durable cover, for covering Hali-Brite ® Runway Closure marker while not in use

RCM Battery Backup [PDF]
An option to automatically switch to when generator power is lost or turned off

RCM Extended Service Kit [PDF]
A convenient kit featuring OEM filters

RCM Adapter Cord [PDF]
A fuel-saving option that converts the 30amp 250V plug to a standard 250v 15amp plug

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