The Hali-Brite ® Runway Closure Marker Lighted X is an effective and efficient method of warning pilots of closed runways and taxiways. A diesel engine powers 20 spotlights that form an illuminated “X” that can be seen as far as 25 miles. The trailer-mounted unit is easily towed behind a vehicle.

Compliance with Standards

ETL Certified to FAA AC 150/5345-55A latest revision,
Engineering Brief 67, with FAA AC 150/5370-2 and
NTSB Safety Recommendation A-03-05

FAA listed Buy American

Features of Our Runway Closure Marker

  • Easily set up by one person in less than 5 minutes,
    without tools
  • 50,000hr built in LED lamps. Never change a bulb
  • Reliable diesel engine with shore power
  • 140+ hour runtime between fueling
  • Wind tested to 95mph
  • 3 year/3000 hour engine warranty
  • Visible 10-25 miles from runway under VFR
  • Photocell dimming for night operation
  • Four rear-mounted lamps allow visual monitoring
    from rear side
  • DOT compliant trailer with lights
  • Four 2000 lb. leveling jacks
  • Highway towable, with a standard 2 ” hitch
  • Compact transporting and storage design


  • Optional Rear Hitch for tandem towing
  • Optional Cover
  • Optional Extended service kit
  • Optional Pintle hitch
  • Optional Oil Drain Kit for easier oil changes
  • Optional 24hr Battery Backup: Lighted “X”
    automatically switches over to battery power
    when generator power is lost or turned off
    manually. Fuel saving and emergency backup!

Light Assembly Specifications

  • Arm length 14 feet when operating
  • Hinged to generator housing, swings upright for use,
    swings to horizontal position when stowed
  • Assembly arms fold to a 5’x5’ square for transport
    and storage
  • Arms constructed of 4”x4” extruded aluminum, with
    yellow epoxy powder-coat paint.
  • Twenty LED lamps mounted in front, plus 4 monitor
    lamps in rear, 24 total
  • LED lamp, 20 degree beam width, rated life 50,000
    hour typical
  • Lamps flash 2.5 seconds on, 2.5 seconds off
  • Solid-state flasher, no mechanical contacts
  • Photocell automatically reduces intensity at night
  • 4 year warranty on lamps
  • Maximum Power: 630 watts, 643VA at 120VAC

Engine and Generator Specifications

  • Engine :Doosan Diesel, 12.7 hp, 3-cylinder, liquid
    -cooled, 4-stroke, 1800 RPM, electric start
  • Engine Warranty: 3 years/3000 hour
  • Glow plugs and elapsed hour meter
  • Low oil/high temperature auto-shutdown
  • Generator: Marathon Electric, 6.0 kW, 120 VAC, 4-pole,
  • Fuel tank capacity 57 gal., consumption 0.4 gph,
    140 hour runtime


  • Width:67″ Length:117″ Height:69″
  • Total dry weight 1405 lbs
  • Total wet weight 1804 lbs
  • International; Fully Crated 2050 lbs
    Width:72″ Length:96″ Height:79″
Worldwide shipping available!

Portable lighted runway marking detail