Compliance with Standards:

AC 150/5345-49A Specification L-854 Radio Control Equipment
AC 150/5345-1 Approved Airport Lighting Equipment


The Hali-Brite Radio Receiver/Decoder provides pilots with direct air-to-ground control of airfield lighting systems. They can activate lights and vary the intensity by keying their microphone. The lights remain illuminated for 15 minutes and then automatically shut down. The Radio Receiver/Decoder is particularly useful for small to midsized airfields by providing continued operations at night and for remote sites that may have limited air traffic or qualified on-site control personnel.


  • Two banks of 3-5-7 control outputs independently configurable for sequential or cumulative modes of control
  • Two banks of 3-5-7 control outputs independently configurable for various control output voltages
  • Two independent control voltage inputs
  • Optical isolation from controlled equipment for electronic protection
  • Low power consumption: +13.6 Vdc +/-10% at 100mA
  • Reduce need for interface box
  • Selectable frequency range 118-137 Mhz
  • Built on proven synthesized receiver technology
  • Excellent sensitivity: (10db S/N) 0.2uV
  • Excellent adjacent channel selectivity: 80db
  • Recessed squelch control adjustable 0.2uV – 5.0uV
  • Retractable mounting brackets
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Hali-Brite Decoder