Compliance with Standards:

FAA: L807 AC 150/5345-27 (Current Edition)
ETL Certified
ICAO: Annex 14, Vol. 1, para. 5.1.1 (Size 2 only)


The Hali-Brite L-807 Solar Power Wind Cone provides a visual indication of wind direction and velocity. FAA Size 2 wind cones are used at the central location on an airfield. FAA Size 1 wind cones are used at small airfields and heliports and as a supplemental indicator at large airfields.


  • Solar Power Supply, Sized and programmed for your location.
  • Available internally or externally lighted, with LED lamps.
  • Available in Size 1 (18″ diameter x 8′ long)
  • Available in Size 2 (36″ diameter x 12′ long)
  • The pole is center-hinged, with 4″ diameter steel on the bottom, and 3″ diameter steel on the top
  • A center-mounted braked winch allows one-person maintenance
  • The four anchor bolts are a one-piece welded assembly, ready to drop in the ground
  • The one-piece welded aluminum basket has pre-installed bearings
  • Raincaps protect the bearings from weather
  • The water repellent nylon sock is treated for rot and mildew
  • Powder coat painted international orange
  • 50,000 to 100,000 hour lamp life
  • Integral power adapter on externally-lighted series circuit models
  • Multiple independent lamp circuits, for improved reliability
  • Power consumption is only 15-20% of a typical non-LED externally lighted wind cone
  • Includes a long-life LED obstruction light
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Pilot's view of solar power supply wind cone