The Hali-Brite Beacon Tipdown Pole provides a tall, sturdy mounting platform for an L-801 or L-802 Airport Rotating Beacon. The Tipdown Pole is center-hinged, allowing simple, easy access to the beacon without climbing or using a lift truck.


  • Available in several heights, from 25 to 55 feet
  • Designed to fit all Hali-Brite HBM Rotating Beacons
  • Mounting plate accommodates a lightning rod and one singular or dual L-810 Obstruction Light
  • Easily raised and lowered by one person, using an internal hand-operated winch
  • Removable winch handle
  • Counter-weighted upper pole shaft
  • Several finish options – prime coat, factory finish paint, hot-dip galvanizing, or self-weathering
  • Ruggedized models available for coastal areas
  • Manufactured in the USA
Worldwide shipping available!
Rotating Beacon Pole