Compliance with Standards:

FAA ETL Certified A/C150/5345-12 (Current Edition)
ICAO Compliant ICAO: Annex 14, para 5.3.3


The Hali-Brite Heliport Rotating Beacon is used primarily for night operations at heliports as an identification and location marker. The HBM 150/3 meets specifications for L-801H and L-802H beacons, and features a patented design that makes it maintenance free, except for lamp replacement.


  • Patented belt-drive system eliminates the lubrication
    maintenance required by conventional gear-drive
    beacons (U.S. Pat. 5,339,224)
  • Patented liquid-filled lamp connector, eliminating the
    slip rings and brushes found on conventional beacons
    (U.S. Pat. 5,816,678)
  • Three 14,000 lumen, 150 watt metal-halide lamps
  • Typical lamp life (1-3 years)
  • One clear, one aviation green, and one yellow lens
  • Available in Hospital Heliport version (not FAA certified)
  • NO maintenance except lamp replacement
  • All moving parts are permanently lubricated
  • Impedance-protected motor eliminates burnouts
  • Lamps preset 5° above horizontal, adjustable
  • 12 RPM rotation, 36 flashes/minute
  • Weatherproof steel cabinet, powder coated international
  • Optional stainless steel cabinet & bearings for highly
    corrosive environments
  • Class I (No Heater) normal operating temperature
    range: 0°F to +131°F (-18°C to +55°C)
  • Class 2 (With Heater) normal operating temperature
    range: -67°F to +131°F (-55°C to +55°C)
  • Tested to wind velocities of 100 mph
  • Optional photocell and/or tell-tale relay
  • Mountable on a Hali-Brite Tipdown Pole
  • Military version available
  • Power Consumption: 595W Class I, 995W Class II
  • Manufactured in the USA
Worldwide shipping available!

Ordering Information

 Part Number Description
L801H7116 120v, 60hz, Class I, Heliport
L801H7116H 120v, 60hz, Class I, Hospital Heliport
L801H7116M 120v, 60hz, Class I, Military Heliport
L801H7126 *220-240v, 60hz, Class I, Heliport
L801H7126H *220-240v, 60hz, Class I, Hospital
L801H7216 120v, 60hz, Class II, Heliport
L801H7216H 120v, 60hz, Class II, Hospital Heliport
L801H7226 *220-240v, 60hz, Class II, Heliport
L801H7226H *220-240v, 60hz, Class II, Hospital Heliport


Part Number Description
 L801/802 T/T HBM 120 Tell-Tale Relay 120V
 L801/802 T/T HBM 240 Tell-Tale Relay 240V 60Hz
 L801 HBM SS For corrosive environment installations/
installations within 100mi of seawater:
stainless steel cabinet, bearings, legs
and hardware throughout.
 4200-0000A Tower Mounting Kit: Creates a platform from
36″ Beacon to all current model beacons
 4200-0001A Tower Mounting Kit, Stainless Steel

Replacement Parts

Part Number Description
0200-0007 Ballast, 120/240 VAC, 60 Hz
0600-0003 Belt
2300-0002 Motor Fuse, 1/2 amp
2300-0012 Lamp Fuse, 8 amp
3400-0125B Lamp, 150 watt
2800-0006 Lens, Clear
2800-0043 Lens, Green
2800-0025 Lens, Amber
2800-0010 Lens, Red
2800-0026 Lens, Split Beam
1500-0011 Lens Clip

Shipping Information

Unpackaged Weight: 96 pounds
Shipping Weight: 124 pounds
Shipping Volume: 48”x28”x25”

Airport flashing beacon