The Solar Power Supply (SPS) is a self-contained
photovoltaic power source for the Hali-Brite® L-806 and L-807
Wind Cones.


  • Eliminates expensive underground trenching and wire
    installations for Windcones
  • Easy installation: pre-set solar angle, pre-assembled
    anchor for easy mounting.
  • Fully sunlight powered- zero energy cost operation
  • 10 day nominal battery autonomy
  • Long Life premium AGM solar batteries (5-10 years
  • 100 to 300 A-H AGM battery, designed for 4000
    charge/ discharge cycles
  • 100 or 200 watt solar panel, with 12-year/90% and 25-
    year/80% power warranty
  • Custom designed for the installation site, using 30-year
    worst case insolation and temperature extremes
  • Insulated battery compartment to preserve battery life
  • MPPT charge controller, with custom-programmed
    temperature compensation
  • On-board indicators for battery, charging and system
  • Dual-post mount, with frangible couplings, designed
    to withstand ASCE Exposure C wind loads
  • Temperature range: -45 to +55 °C (-49 to +131 °F)
  • Marine treat option available for corrosive
    environments (upgrades enclosure to aluminum,
    stainless hardware throughout, marine treated powder
  • Manufactured in the USA
Worldwide shipping available!

Installation Information

The SPS is attached to a 4-bolt anchor assembly
(included), mounted in a concrete slab. Power is
supplied to the wind cone by a cable in liquid-tight
conduit through one of the SPS mounting legs.

Ordering Information

Product Description
SPS-100-2-12 100Watt Panel, 2 Batteries, 12″ Legs
SPS-100-2-30 100Watt Panel, 2 Batteries, 30″ Legs
SPS-200-2-12 200Watt Panel, 2 Batteries, 12″ Legs
SPS-200-2-30 200Watt Panel, 2 Batteries, 30″ Legs
SPS MARINE Marine Treated option for installations
within 100mile of the sea. Aluminum
enclosure, marine treat powder coat,
stainless steel hardware throughout.

NOTE: Each Hali-Brite® SPS is custom configured for the
proper solar panel, battery, temperature compensation
and height for the installation location. Please contact
Hali-Brite to configure the correct model for your location.

Replacement Parts

Part Number Description
7800-0004 Solar Panel, 100 watt
7800-0005 Solar Panel, 200 watt
1300-0081 Battery, PVX-840T
4500-0020 Charge Controller
7800-0006 Photocell
1800-0036 Frangible Coupling
2300-0024 Fuse, 10A 32V

Shipping Information

Unpackaged Weight: 186-268 pounds
Shipping Weight : 266-388 pounds
Intnl Ship Weight: : 466-588 pounds
Shipping Volume : 60″L x 40″W x 44″H
Note: Can be shipped with Windcone in same
crate, inquire for details


Solar power for wind cones