The Solar Power Supply (SPS) is a self-contained
photovoltaic power source for the Hali-Brite® L-806 and L-807
Wind Cones.


  • Provides power to Hali-Brite® ETL-certified wind cones with -810 obstruction lights (12 VDC LED models)
  • Custom designed for the installation site, using 30-year worst case insolation and temperature extremes
  • Operates the wind cone lamp dusk-dawn, controlled by an ETL-certified photocell, to FAA illumination requirements
  • Full wind cone lamp intensity at all times when operating
  • 50 or 135 watt solar panel, with 12-year/90% and 25-year/80% power warranty
  • MPPT charge controller, with custom-programmed temperature compensation
  • On-board indicators for battery, charging and system status
  • 100 to 300 A-H AGM battery, designed for 4000 charge/discharge cycles
  • 10 day nominal battery autonomy
  • Dual-post mount, with frangible couplings, designed to withstand ASCE Exposure C wind loads
  • Temperature range: -45 to +55 °C (-49 to +131 °F)
  • Includes pre-assembled anchor for easy mounting
  • Weather and corrosion resistant construction of powdercoated steel and aluminum
  • Solar panel tilts 25-65 degrees in 10 degree steps, factory preset for the installation location
  • Manufactured in the USA
Worldwide shipping available!
Solar power for wind cones