Compliance with Standards:

FAA certified by ETL FAA:L-806 AC 150/5345-27
and FAA Engineering Brief 67


Provides visual indication of wind direction and velocity at a location on an airfield. L-806 wind cones are used on smaller airfields, heliports and as supplemental wind indicators near runway touchdown areas on large airfields.

Features of L-806 Wind Cone

  • Perfect for HeliPorts or Airports (Supplemental wind cone)
  • FAA Certified by ETL
  • 50,000 to 100,000 hour lamp life, virtually maintenance
    free. 4 year warranty
  • NVG visibility
  • Solar power option available- FAA certified. no more long
    underground wire installations!
  • Marine Treated Option (recommended for installations
    within 100miles of saltwater) available for increased
    useful life in corrosive environment
  • 80-90%less power consumption than halogen lamps
  • Integral power adapter on series-circuit models
  • Size 1 (18” diameter x 8’ long) wind sock (berry
    compliant )treated for rot, mildew, and water repellent
  • 1.9 inch diameter steel pole, with frangible coupling
    at base.
  • One piece welded aluminum basket with pre-installed
  • Rain caps protect the bearings from weather
  • May be mounted directly to an L-867 light base, 2 inch
    NPT baseplate (sold separately)
  • Powder coat painted international orange
Worldwide shipping available!


Wind Cone Selection Chart

Catalog Number  See Notes FAA Size FAA Style Power Source Fixture Watts Replacement Lamp
 L806-S1-UN-NON-ON-N 1 II Unlighted none 0 None
 L806-S1-EX-120-ON-5 1 I-A External 108-132 VAC 14 9200-0032
 L806-S1-EX-230-ON-5 1 I-A External 207-253 VAC 14 9200-0044
 L806-S1-EX-66A-ON-5 3 1 I-A External 2.8-6.6 AMP 52 9200-0034
 L806-S1-IN-120-ON-5 1 I-B Internal 108-132 VAC 19 9200-0038
 L806-S1-IN-230-ON-5 1 I-B Internal 198-265 VAC 21 9200-0045
 L806-S1-EX-120-ON-N Replaced by L806-S1-EX-120-ON-5 (LED Model) 3400-0122
 L806-S1-IN-120-ON-N 1 I-B Internal 108-132 VAC 316 3400-0100Regent
 L806-S1-EX-12-ON-5 2 1 I-A External 11.5-13 VDC 6 9200 0033
 L806-S1-IN-12-ON-5 2 1 I-B Internal 11.5-13 VDC 6 9200-0041
 L806-S1-IN-66A-ON-5 3 1 I-B Internal 2.8-6.6 AMP 65 9200 0039

1. All Models FAA certified
2. Powered By Hali-Brite® Solar Power Supply OR LED Driver
3. Requires 100watt L-830 transformer, sold separately


Options/Spare Components

Part Number Description
L806-Marine Treated “Marine Treated” (recommended for
corrosive environments, typically within
100 miles of saltwater) Includes:
marine treated powder coat, stainless
steel bearings/hardware throughout.
L806-Hinged Pole L806 Hinged Pole Option (Hinges in
center of pole)
L806-Pole Alum Aluminum Pole Option
L806-Roof Mount Roof Mount Kit Option
L806-Wall Mount Wall Mount Kit Option
1067-0002 Floor Flange Mount Option
7400-0000-1 FAA Size1 Wind Sock, 18 inch
diameter, Berry Compliant 8′
Orange or Red/White
1800-0025 Frangible Coupling (one included with
every L806)
SPS-50-2-12 Solar Power Supply for 12V models
See selection chart Replacement Lamp

Shipping Information

Unpackaged Weight: 45-60Lbs
Non-Hinged Palletized Volume: 96″x48″x32″ 180Lbs
Fully Crated Option: 300Lbs
Hinged Option Palletized Volume: 48″x48″x32″ 120Lbs
Fully Crated Option: 200Lbs

LED lights over a wind cone